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Bali tubing tour is an online media which is provide the complete Bali river tubing trip with 3 river options for experience the Bali river tubing in Bali. First we have Ayung Tubing which is located near the center of Ubud. The second one we have Penet River rafting which is located at Badung near Sangeh Monkey Forest and the last option we have Pakerisan river tubing which is located at Tampak Siring Village. Those river Tubing can be reach from Kuta, Nusa Dua or Seminyak Area less than 2 hours. Bali tubing tour is one of the Famous adventure activities for the local and international tourist in Bali with safety and customer satisfaction concern.

Bali Tubing tour offers the best package for each tubing location in Bali. We have several package options, in order to adjust to your needs, the ranging from a short track (3.5 km) to the long track (12km) with different levels of rapids class 2 to 3. For those who want to do the tubing in the Highest rapids levels, you can try our tubing at Ayung River, while for those who want the lower level, they may join on our tubing adventure at Penet River or Pakerisan River. Feel the thrill, excitement and full of fun while your Tubing in Bali only with Bali Tubing Tour.

Please select one of our River Tubing with below Options:

ayung river tubing

Our long trip will offer an Excellent Adventure & exiting of 3 Hour Trip on Ayung River. It is only open for guest above 15 years old. Feel the amazing Bali and feel your heart beating passing trough of pleasant path of Bali plat river trough on Ayung River Tubing which designed and guided by our professional…

penet river tubing

River Tubing in Penet river, located on Tanah Wuk, Sangeh. With natural surroundings, wild water and the rural environment, guests can experience an unforgettable journey, floating and riding the waves for 3.5 kms, taking approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. With nature and green lush vegetation, drifting in the river…

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River Boarding in Penet river, located on Tanah Wuk, Sangeh. With natural surroundings, wild water and the rural environment, participant can swim safely and comfortably along wild rivers for 3.5 km, taking about 1.45–2 hours, using a 3-dimensional board. With nature and green lush vegetation, drifting in the river…


  • Air-conditioned return hotel transfers
  • Personal safety equipment: helmet, life jacket, knee/elbow protectors
  • Guides trained in whitewater activity
  • Towel
  • Shower and toiletries at the finishing point
  • Lunch
  • Souvenir
  • Insurance


  • Change of clothes / Dry Cloth
  • Rubber slippers, water-sport shoes or sneakers
  • Sun screen
  • Cash for the payment or a valid payment voucher
  • Cash for optional extras (photos, t-shirts etc.)


Many Tubing operators in Bali, that maybe it will make you confused to make a right choice. therefore we are here to assist and provide the right options of your adventures Tubing while your holiday in Bali.

We have built a comprehensive network with the Tubing operators in Bali that which is has qualified by the quality service, safety and pricing, and as the result we can offer the best deals for your River Tubing in Bali. So you don’t need to worry that you will have a wrong choice to handle your Tubing adventure in Bali, because we have chosen it for you with the best quality in the class with better prices.

We Apply 50% cancellation on last minutes booking.

Happy tubing in Bali

Home 7

Amazing Experience

Overall, it was an amazing experience, the driver was really friendly and helpful. During the river tubing, we all had a lot of fun, we couldn't stop laughing, hence despite the adrenaline, it was awesome. everyone made our trip super memorable. Thank you so much.

Home 8
Tang Xin

Best Day Out

Amazing Experience and I would definitely do it again. Good services, staff were very friendly and inviting. A life time experience.

Home 9

Ketut Was Amazing with our Tubing

We were able to learn about our culture and people of Bali from load of our fun, Fact on our day trip. Always on time waiting to take us to our next destination with a smile. with an exhausting activities, Ketut Understand that if we were drifting off or resting our eyes we were happy to listen to music and enjoy the sights. 10/10 car quality 10/10 fun facts / history 10/10 driver personality Thanks so much for motify our first ever day in Bali, one we will never forget.

Home 10
Renne and James
Sidney, Australia

Amazing tubing & Saba Bay horse riding tour

Kali pertama datang ke Bali, Pengalaman yang indah dengan perkhidmatan yang sangat bagus. Pekerja yang tekun, ikhlas, masa tepat. I like Bali. Saya akan datang lagi ke Bali. Terima kasih

Home 11

Perfect Day

Thank you for the wonderful tour today. There was a little bit of Adventure, history and sightseeing, It was a perfect day in Bali and Gusti explained us a lot of details about the place we went.

Tony, Yuri

Exceptional Tour Today

Thank you for the Exceptional tour today. We largely appreciated the time and effort for the tour today and was with no doubt worth for the money. If you were ask me, are you looking fr a historic information and adventures tour, I would tell you, This is the right person to contacting. Thanks a lot for this love tour.

Allen Anthony

Tubing Adventure at Ayung River

We went tubing with Toekad and had a good day. Our guide was friendly and nice, and the price of the day was reasonable. Tubing is a lot harder than rafting. You have to steer yourself and for a complete novice this was quite scary - I couldn't make the tube go where I wanted it to go so often hit rocks or got stuck on rapids. I've been rafting before and it's a lot easier and very tame, because the guide is on the raft steering it for you. It's also a lot easier to flip a tube than a raft - our guide told us that about 40% of people will flip their tube at least once. Tubing is not a relaxing meander down the river - you also have to paddle yourself for 3 hours which is tiring if you're unfit. In a raft you can get away with barely paddling but in a tube you don't have a choice. As others have mentioned there are also the steps at the beginning and end of the trip whether you raft or tube. Our guide spent most of the time screaming "be careful" which just freaked me out because I didn't know what he was referring to or what I was supposed to do. Compared to other rafting companies, Toekad is just okay. I've been with Sobek and Bali Adventure before and both were better (nicer facilities, more professional operation, nicer lunch) but Toekad was cheaper.


Best Time Ever

We did this last week and I had the best time ever. We chose tubing, thinking it was the easier option. But we were slightly wrong. My sister and I were in our own tube with a guide paddling and steering at the back. My husband though was by himself. He had to navigate down 10km of river and Rapids with only a paddle. He got stuck a few times but we performed rescue missions. The rapids are fairly tame but still enough to get the blood pumping. Lunch afterwards was great too, not the most amazing food but just what you need. Be warned, it's about 300 steps down to the river and another 400 at the end to get back up. But you've still got enough adrenaline to get you through! Must do! Ask for the guide Alex, he made it so much fun but I always felt safe!

Home 12
Amy G

Bali Tubing Package provides many selection of Bali Tubing combination tour with super saver package

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Enjoy your Bali tubing adventure activity in the morning, continue with a sightseeing tour of wonderful Kintamani volcano and then visit Ubud center.

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Book an amazing combination tubing package in one day tour with our special offer where you can combine Bali tubing with sightseeing tour of Tanah Lot tour.

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Enjoy your tubing adventure in Bali combine with elephant ride. Return to nature and have some fun. If you want combine with 2 hours spa also a perfect choice.

Home 16

Join us on a nice combination package, tubing adventure and special Bali tour for one day. Enjoy Penet river tubing, combine with a visit to Pod Chocolate factory.

Home 17

We offer one of the most favourite combined tour package in Bali. Participate in a number activities including Penet river tubing, then continue with Sangeh cycling tour.

Home 18

Combine your tubing adventure in Bali at Penet river with rice field trekking activities. Back to the nature and have fun !!! You won’t regret and forget the experience.

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